Service Price
Woman's Cut$40+
Men's Cut$20+
Children's (10 & Under)$20+
Wash & Style$30+
Special Occasion$90+
Keratin Treatment$200+


Service Price
Single Process Retouch$45
Color Balance$55+
Color Glaze (Toner)$30+
Specialty Color$100+
Conditioning Treatment$10


Spa Pedicure$50
Hot Stone Pedicure$60
Express Pedicure$35
Men’s Pedicure$35
Gel Manicure$30
Spa Manicure$25
Polygel Full Set$55
Polygel Fill$40
Dip Nail$45
Dip Nail w/ Tip$50
Nail Art$5 - $15
Gel Polish & French Manicure$10



Full Beard Shaping (30 mins)

Choice of any beard shaping/trimming and straight razor line.


Beard Line Up (15 mins)

Includes straight razor line up, NO shaping/trimming.


Basic Haircut (30 mins)

Choice of One Length on the sides and back, blended up to a scissor cut on top with a basic line up.


Custom Haircut (45 mins)

Choice of any desired Custom Haircut including Tapers, Skin Fade, Mullets, Full Scissor Shaping, etc.


Hair & Beard (1 hour)

Choice of any haircut with full beard shaping and straight razor line up.


Kids Basic Cut (under 10) - (30 mins)

Choice of One Length on the sides and back, blended up to a scissor cut on top with a basic line up.


Senior Haircut (65+) - (30 mins)

Choice of any haircut for those over the age of 65.




Botox involves a series of small injections into the muscles of the face that cause skin to crease. It works by halting the function of the muscle thereby improving the appearance of overlying wrinkles.

Areas treated with Botox:

  1. Forehead
  2. Glabella (frown lines/"11s")
  3. Eye area (crow's feet/smile lines)
  4. Masseter (TMJ)
  5. Brow Lift
  6. Dimpled Chin

Areas that cannot be treated at this facility

  1. Lips (lip flip/gummy smile)
  2. Migraines

Price: $12 per unit "introductory rate". Number of units will depend on areas treated, degree of wrinkling and desired decrease in movement.

Brand name Botox only (produced by Allergan Pharmaceutical).




A personalized, 60-min treatment that takes you on the ultimate journey to your healthiest looking skin.



A personalized, 30-min treatment that will address your skin concerns.



A mechanical & super-facial form of exfoliation. Targets pigmentation, congestion & removal of vellus hair.


Clear & Brighten

Pore softening techniques, extractions, and anti-bacterial actives work together to clear and calm congested breakout-prone skin.


Pro Bright Skin Treatment

A high intensity 30-minute skin treatment to boost the maximum absorption of vitamin c. Instantly revealing skin's brighness and smoothness.


Pro Firm Neck + Skin

A comprehensive workout of the face and neck. This unique treatment combines firming, toning, deep tissue facial massage with re-texturizing and replenishing products to smooth the skin. This includes a 20 minute photo therapy session using red led lights to reduce signs of aging.


Dermaplaning with Proskin 60

90 Minute treatment combining our most loved facial and dermaplaning.

ProPower Peel$100
Series of 3$250
Series of 6$525
Eye Lash Extensions
Full Set Classic Lashes$110 / Fill $55
Full Set Hybrid Lashes$120 / Fill $65
Brow Waxing$18
Lip Waxing$10
Eyebrow & Lip Wax$25
Bikini Wax$35
Brow Lift, Tint & Wax$38
Nose Wax$10
Body Treatments
Salt Glow (60min)$85

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